Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Toronto Crippled by Freak Storm and Flood july 8th

 On any given day Toronto looks like this...'UNDER CONSTRUCTION'

 But when a FREAK storm hits it...it looks like this. Sheets of water dumped on the city in such enormous volume, visibility was zero and motorists had to stop where they were. Most of us have never seen rain like that before. It truly was abnormal.
And the aftermath is this. Toronto has not been flooded like this since 1954 when Hurricane Hazel arrived for a visit. Even then, it wasn't nearly as bad. They had some advance notice before she hit town and prepared....but this storm created unprecedented flash floods.... no warning at all.
Most of the flash flooding happened within thirty minutes

Picked  a bad day for a bike ride. Like so many Torontonians he was caught unaware and didn't get to safety in time.

 The sewers backed up in most of the Greater Toronto Area homes. Sewers exploded on most streets sending manhole covers flying like lethal weapons and filling streets with raw sewage.

Cars were abandoned all over the city

Even the rescue teams ran into trouble

The subway was completely flooded
 The flooding turned the subway steps into waterfalls and within a short time, completely submerged the tunnels

Okay...this is a slight exaggeration
But it is 'Shark Week'
 A damsel in distress decides to brave the waters
 A good Samaritan helps  an elderly motorist


Rescuers workers  kept going for 24 hours

A commuter train or 'GO TRAIN' got swamped with a thousand people on board

Rescue teams worked relentlessly to get passengers to safety in case the train was tipped by a water surge. The lower compartments of the train were flooded and the passengers all crowded into the upper floors.

 The final rescue took eight hours

The gentle Humber River in Toronto became a dangerous torrent
So far, large sections of the city are still without power.

 Good Samaritans abounded and performed many rescues for stranded motorists

Where was this guy when we needed him?

Thankyou global warming


  1. Freak storms , fires , earthquakes...etc... heatwaves in parts of the world like never before .

    Climate change you say .... yes peiople that's exactly what it is and the worst is yet to come .

    Good post PIC and beautiful pictures ... I do hope people can see the destruction befind the beauty .

    LUV ...PIC

  2. Thanks PIC
    I wonder how many people are aware of the global situation and not just aware of their own town.

    I guess we have to just keep plugging away at them...


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